Message from Legal Department Head

All kinds of business have their own norms, values and ideologies. To follow such norms and values in a disciplined way is a right path to be successful in business. "Ignorance of Law is no Excuse." This legal statement suggests us that everyone must know the law; and nobody can escape away from it. Furthermore, nobody is free to violate the rules in the name of ignorance; and will get no freedom just by

oksaying uniformed in advance. It is mandatory to accept and follow all words mentioned in the law. Law and trade are abstract if vied for one angle but they can be concrete and vivid steps for successful business if involved in a discrete activity. Promotion of native products can be a special and pivotal basis for building the nation. Considering the importance of Nepali products, Iboss Global Life International has promoted its products and created jobs for thousands of people. It is equally moving forward assuring the sound health, beauty and prosperity of the people.

This company is moving forward by abiding the legal terms and conditions came into effect from the government for "Direct Selling provision. I would like to request all to utilize the opportunity fully and involve in the business with due culture.  I strongly believe that trade with culture can be our true combatant for self-respect.

Advocate Til Bahadur Bhattarai

Legal Department Head