Every citizen is offered to pursue an individual and business freedom by the nation. But it is the duty of responsible citizens to abide by the rules and policies of the government. Moreover, people ought to help the citizens, community, and the nation through their daily work and business. Bearing the very fact in mind, Iboss Global Life has created one opportunity for all. This company aims to associate all the aspirant farmers, businessmen, consumers, and distributors as an equal and respectful stakeholder so as to garner a wide range of benefits. Our goal is to reach the destination through a united effort and share the outcome distinctly.

      We can create a number of job opportunities for the people if we mobilize the manpower in the course of promotion of valuable herbs commercially. We can equally train the people for the proper use of herbs. The right utilization of human resources and herbs can be the milestone of skyrocket the nation's economy. To prosper the nation, we have vividly thought about the necessity of selling such products in the national and international markets. Our government has already granted us authority and validity to trade with these products. Therefore, our endeavor has become a golden opportunity for us to make our life beautiful. I am personally highly exhilarated now to be back to serve the nation again from the different dimension after the retirement from the three-decade-long government service.

Hemanta Bahadur Pal
Vice President & Executive Director